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Who we are

Disability Action Guatemala (DAG) provides critical and effective support to disabled people and families living in conditions of extreme poverty in rural areas. DAG works collaboratively and in partnership with local and national organisations in 3 key areas:

  • Emergency health care
  • Temporary poverty relief
  • Community Based Inclusive Development

Our work fills critical service gaps in the humanitarian and development sectors acting as the only safety net and point of support for some of the most impoverished and vulnerable people in the country and perhaps the planet.

Disability Action Guatemala is a program set up and run by The Critical Institute, a registered not-for-profit with the Commission for Voluntary Organisations in Malta (Registration No: VO/0995).

Our mission

Our mission is to facilitate effective and dignified relief from pain, food insecurity and extreme poverty to some of the weakest disabled families during the weakest times in the their lives through quality, sensitive, dignified and responsive healthcare and poverty alleviaton using primarily locally driven community development.

Our work is a small attempt at helping those at the margins to live with less suffering, with less pain, to eat regularly, and in turn to help and support their own loved ones. Our return is in facilitating a network of people helping people.

We work hard towards achieving our mission through an informed, integrated and respectful approach that:

  • Fills gaps in current humanitarian and development efforts in the country
  • Is rights driven and contributes towards alleviating the harshest poverty in a timely and dignified way
  • Educates and impacts attitudes and support towards the poorest and most disenfranchised people
  • Effectively connects people with services
  • Supports local lobbying and advocacy efforts
  • Actively collaborates with other organisations

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