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Our work is not possible without your generous support. We go to great lengths to stretch our budget, to make sure that no money goes to waste, and that it gets directly to where it needs to.

However big or small, your contribution makes a difference and keeps us going in providing emergency health care and relief to some of the most impoverished people in Guatemala and perhaps on the planet.

Why we need money

  • Those we work with and assist are among the poorest of the poor
  • Many have chronic conditions which means they require treatment for life
  • There is no assistance in sight: government doesn’t care, development and other organisations continue to exclude disability from their remit and work
  • Public hospitals are unsafe: many of those we assist have in fact been victims of the public health care system. From botched operations (including amputations), infection and secondary impairments, we have seen it all. Public hospitals are also too often scarce on resources (human and material).
  • This means we are forced to use private clinics. Those we work with are tried and tested, and offer us quite a few discounts and assistance to cut down costs. Having said that, services are far from free.

The right to know where your money goes

Unlike other organisations, we think big, but we work small and responsibly. We operate with extremely low overheads, all our work is voluntary and on an outreach basis, we do not own vehicles or offices, have noone on fancy wages. We are not embarassed to try and lower prices with clinics and pharmacies if it means stretching every cent we have and support more people. We are also not embarassed to say we are small. We do, though, walk the talk and our work perhaps has impact like very few others have.

Almost 100% of what is donated to us goes back to people and only where it matters: health care, medication, food, education.

We also do not do poverty tourism. We support a reasonable number of people but we are there for the long haul, very much like a good relationship. 

Donate with Confidence

Disability Action Guatemala is run by The Critical Institute, a registered not-for-profit with the Commission for Voluntary Organisations in Malta (Registration no: VO/0995). We are audited and accountable.

Please donate safely and with confidence. All contributions will be acknowledged.


Donate by Cheque

Donors from Malta can send cheque donations to the following postal address:

Disability Action Guatemala
The Critical Institute
102 Suite 3
St. Catherine Street
Attard ATD2605
Malta, EU

Donate via Bank Transfer

You can transfer any amount directly to the Disability Action Guatemala account:

Account name

The Critical Institute

Bank name and address

Bank of Valletta
Triq IL- Knisja
Siġġiewi, Malta


MT33 VALL 2201 3000 0000 4002 3198 810



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