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We know each and every family in the areas we work with, especially those who are among the poorest and most vulnerable. We speak to them and carefully monitor their situation. We know when things get particularly rough for them, and this is when we step in. This includes for example times of drought and dry spells, when food food prices shoot up and/or when there is ill-health in the family. These are times when it becomes harder to feed and to medicate.

We provide temporary relief in these difficult times, becoming a temporary safety net until things stabilise back again for families. Over the short term we provide assistance with:

  • Food: we support with purchasing a determinate amount of food over a determinate period ensuring that families do not go hungry.
  • Transportation for health care purposes: one of the major barriers to obtaining health care are transport costs. We provide assistance with these over a definite period, especially when they interfere with the ability to obtain and maintain health care for the disabled person.
  • Assistance with finalising school for disabled children or children of disabled people: many times, health care and other costs come to interrupt education. Over the years we have supported with expenses (tuition, materials, uniform etc.) for a select number of children, enabling them in the process to finish their respective year and for others to finish secondary school.
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